Upgrade your exterior wash service, and experience the AccuFleet Advantage™

Independent research suggests that cleaner airplanes require less fuel to operate. And passengers can see that a clean plane looks newer and safer.

Our exterior wash services include:

  • An outstanding safety and environmental record
  • Advanced, custom-designed equipment able to move easily around aircraft and AOA
  • Managing bug removal, blemishes and flight wear
  • Customizable wash programs for all areas of aircraft, including:Belly Wash
    • Tech Wash
    • Tail Wash
    • Curtain Rash
  • Standardized, environmentally safe procedures meeting EPA requirements

AccuFleet International uses a variety of equipment and chemicals to provide our customers with the best solution for your aircraft cleaning needs. We’ll gladly create a program with Wet Wash, Dry Wash or a combination of both to keep your fleet clean and your brand fresh. Our equipment is modern and well maintained with over 50% of our fleet being five years old or newer.

We invite you to learn more about how AccuFleet International’s exterior wash team can be your partner in maintaining a clean fleet at every station in the U.S.


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