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AccuFleet International Launches new Cabin Training Center

When passengers file into an aircraft cabin upon embarking on their flight, it’s not uncommon to take for granted fully-prepped seats, properly disinfected lavatories, and the required attention to detail in the arrangement of amenities- in fact, it is expected. More recently, with increased scrutiny placed on healthy protocols before and after each flight, airlines … Read More >

Colder Weather Means Deicing and the Return of Aircraft Exterior Wash

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on flight operations around the world. Airlines are now implementing disinfecting/fogging programs to establish a benchmark of health safety while communicating the safety of travel to an increasing number of air travel passengers. As the seasons shift and the climate gets colder in the North, airlines must … Read More >

AccuFleet opens ACY (Atlantic City) and MCO (Orlando) for Disinfection/Cleaning

Last month, AccuFleet opened its 12th station at the Atlantic City International Airport (ACY). The new location joins recently opened Orlando International Airport (MCO) as the newest AccuFleet locations in 2020. These two locations, along with other AccuFleet stations, are now providing disinfection and heavy clean services to our airline customers across the U.S. The … Read More >

AccuFleet Outlines Process and Products for Disinfection Service

Trust AccuFleet International to provide professional disinfection and deep cleaning. Choose the company already working with multiple carriers to assist with disinfecting aircraft, employee facilities, transport vehicles, customer hold areas, and warehouses. Now, more than ever, the industry recognizes the importance of disinfection, and you can count on AccuFleet International to provide the highest level … Read More >

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