Trust AccuFleet International to manage your seating and upholstery appearance program

For over 40 years, AccuFleet International has been the industry leader in managing upholstery and seating programs. Since 1981, we’ve been working with major domestic carriers to provide a turn-key solution for managing their cabin appearance expectations. Whether in a single city or across your system, and whether it’s a single service or multiservice program, AccuFleet will implement a custom appearance solution based on your specifications.

Technology Advantage
AccuFleet has a strong track record of leveraging our data management to assist our customers with maintaining compliance for the full life cycle through software-supported management of seating programs maintenance. AccuFleet can manage your inventory on our proprietary reporting platform, iROD™, and decrease pressure on your supply chain. We can handle everything from just-in-time delivery using on-hand inventory in multiple locations to providing cycled audits on your fleet to ensure the highest compliance.

iROD Reporting Platform allows easy visual analysis of fleet compliance by part and location.

We are your strategic partner in achieving appearance goals through:

  • Onboard and off-frame cleaning and conditioning
  • Parts and Seating Cover Change-outs
  • Refurbishment and repair
  • Dry Cleaning, Laundry and Linens
  • Curtain and Carpet cleaning
  • Aircraft Seating Audits
  • Inventory and Warehousing management
  • Emergency Cleaning
  • Disinfection and Fogging
  • Specialized Technical Wash for Airline MX
  • Airport Seat Cleaning and Maintenance


Benefits include:

  • Reduction in maintenance costs
  • Close working relationship with your maintenance team
  • Repairs, cleaning, and conditioning reduces unnecessary replacement
  • In-house quality assurance and auditing including photo documentation of all work
  • Strict compliance with federal aviation standards
  • Allows reallocation of airline resources including labor, facilities, equipment, and capital
  • Decrease pressure on your supply chain and skilled labor expenses
  • AccuFleet International is a one-stop shop for managing fabric/leather parts
  • Just-in-time delivery and service using on-hand inventory in multiple locations
  • Trust our industry-leading expertise in providing cycled audits by tail number for cabin materials.
  • Cutting-edge proprietary reporting platform provides big data in real time

AccuFleet Cabin Training Center (IAH)

AccuFleet is at the forefront of innovation of cleaning and materials management including access to our own testing lab. Most recently, we have been studying the effects of repeated disinfection treatment on materials. We also have relationships with many industry partners including chemical and material manufacturers. We have a dedicated cabin appearance training center to ensure the highest efficiency and training before our staff board your aircraft.

Call or email us today to learn more about how our team of trained and badged, professionals can customize a program for your fleet today!

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