Upholstery and the AccuFleet Advantage™

Where Innovation meets Aviation Support. Upgrade your upholstery care, and experience the AccuFleet Advantage™

Guarantee your passengers will enjoy a clean seat and a fresh cabin on every flight. We offer innovative cleaning solutions for upholstery/leather to extend the life of seat covers.
Annually, AccuFleet International:

  • Audits nearly 1.7 million seats
  • Changes out nearly 22,000 seats
  • Cleans or conditions over 2.3 million seats

Leather – We will schedule the work, monitor performance, and control the inventory. If there is ever any issue, we are on call 24 hours a day. Our leather technicians are trained to help extend the life of the leather seats by cleaning and conditioning the seat. Regularly scheduled maintenance intervals are key to getting the most out of your investment.

– We can exchange both leather and cloth seats to help you maximize the appearance and comfort of your cabins while minimizing costs. We’re happy to work with your scheduling or we can optimize work utilizing our own system that will monitor performance and control your inventory.

Guaranteed – We guarantee a 24 to 48-hour turnaround and can provide same day service on all laundry items if needed.

Gate Area Seating – Key technicians have been trained to audit and repair airport lounge seats throughout the terminal.  Whether it is updating older legacy seating or maintaining newer investments in seating with power, we have you covered. Keeping parts in inventory and cycled cleaning are critical components to the overall satisfaction of your passengers.

Blankets and Laundry – We offer daily pick-up and delivery of blankets, linens and other laundered items. We can provide creative packaging solutions such as pillow packs, individual blanket packaging, or bulk packaging, to suit your individual needs.

Our badged employees can make pick-ups from your gates, either in storage bins or by pulling the materials directly from onboard the aircraft. This frees up ground crews the flexibility to concentrate on other tasks.


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