AccuFleet Outlines Process and Products for Disinfection Service

Trust AccuFleet International to provide professional disinfection and deep cleaning. Choose the company already working with multiple carriers to assist with disinfecting aircraft, employee facilities, transport vehicles, customer hold areas, and warehouses.

Now, more than ever, the industry recognizes the importance of disinfection, and you can count on AccuFleet International to provide the highest level of service for your fleet’s RON, deep, MEC, ultraclean and/or disinfection program needs. Count on AccuFleet to provide the ongoing cleaning needed, while maintaining timely turns and safeguarding interior surfaces and fabric from viruses and bacteria.

Track disinfectant compliance on our proprietary reporting platform, iROD™, which enhances our event management capability, provides reporting and proof of service delivery, and allows you the ability to track, export reports, and measure efficiency. We can also help manage additional cycled events.

Trust AccuFleet to maintain your schedule with the right staffing for each turn.

AccuFleet Provides:

  • Trained, badged, and certified staff
  • FAA certified products to provide hospital-grade disinfection on all interior surfaces
  • Multiple locations to provide the widest selection of RON deep clean/ultra-clean opportunities to your entire fleet
  • Do no harm – products approved for usage on your cabin materials by the manufacturer (Boeing/Airbus/Embraer)

We invite you to learn more about how AccuFleet International’s disinfectant/deep clean service can maintain a safe, clean, and healthy fleet.

AccuFleet International FOG Program Fact Sheet


  • All services are performed in strict compliance of customer specifications by AccuFleet trained personnel.
  • All AccuFleet employees are badged to provide these services at both landside and airside at all AccuFleet locations.
  • Disinfection Verification Forms are provided to the customer after the service is completed.
  • All service records are maintained with AccuFleet’s IROD database. Customer access is provided.
  • Personal Protective Equipment is used on every service
  • Caution Signage in place for every service.

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