AccuFleet opens ACY (Atlantic City) and MCO (Orlando) for Disinfection/Cleaning

Last month, AccuFleet opened its 12th station at the Atlantic City International Airport (ACY). The new location joins recently opened Orlando International Airport (MCO) as the newest AccuFleet locations in 2020. These two locations, along with other AccuFleet stations, are now providing disinfection and heavy clean services to our airline customers across the U.S.

AccuFleet employees in Orlando (MCO) pose with one of the newest Frontier Airlines aircraft after a Massive Effort Clean (MEC) and disinfection.

The aviation industry is weathering one of the most challenging times in history with decreased traffic, public concern about disinfection and safety efforts, and the uncertainty of how long service disruption will continue as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. As part of its effort to accommodate our customers and partners, AccuFleet International has made investments in the equipment, chemicals, and training required to assist our airline, charter, cargo and airport partners in maintaining safe and healthy vehicles and facilities for the foreseeable future.

To ensure the best service and products, AccuFleet International has researched over 423 different chemicals approved by the EPA for use in disinfection. We have identified 9 chemicals approved for use on aircraft and of those are currently using three to actively disinfect and fog aircraft on RONs (remain overnight flights) and turns. We continue to test the efficacy of chemicals and monitor usage for any effects on materials as this will be a long-term concern.

AccuFleet International now provides both ULV (Ultra-Low Volume Fogging) as well as Electrostatic application of chemicals chosen by our airline customers that best fit their needs.

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