AccuFleet is THE choice for Exterior Wash at LAX

With summer and the increase in passenger traffic throughout the United States and internationally, carriers are restarting programs to ensure the highest level of cleanliness for their customers. AccuFleet International is now the only company providing a professional exterior wash program at LAX. We are also cleaning planes for major US carriers in other locations including PHX, DFW, IAH, ATL, MCO and EWR. Driven by our proprietary iROD reporting platform, your appearance managers can count on predictable results when it comes to aircraft appearance and compliance. Trust the market leader in LAX and across the US to maintain the exterior appearance of your fleet.

Independent research suggests that cleaner airplanes require less fuel to operate. And passengers can see that a clean plane looks newer and safer.

Our exterior wash services include:

  • Outstanding safety and environmental record
  • Advanced, custom-designed equipment able to move easily around aircraft and AOA
  • Managing bug removal, blemishes, and flight wear
  • Customizable wash programs for all areas of aircraft, including:
    • Belly Wash
    • Tech Wash
    • Tail Wash
    • Curtain Rash
  • Standardized, environmentally safe procedures meeting EPA requirements

AccuFleet International uses a variety of equipment and chemicals to provide our customers with the best solution for their aircraft cleaning needs. We’ll gladly create a program to keep your fleet clean and your brand fresh.

Our equipment is modern and well maintained with over 50% of our fleet being five years old or newer.

We invite you to learn more about how AccuFleet International’s exterior wash team can be your partner in maintaining a clean fleet at every station in the U.S.

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