AccuFleet International Provides Professional Support with Technical Washes

Trust AccuFleet International to provide professional support with technical washes for your aircraft fleet.

Now, more than ever, it is important for carriers to focus mechanics and higher-cost labor on the technical aspects of servicing both active and parked aircraft. AccuFleet International has been providing additional support and staff augmentation for technical cleaning for years. We offset additional tasks, adding efficiency to your technical operations and attend to every detail requested. We’ve provided tech wash support for some of the largest domestic airlines in the US and are available to assist with the implementation of a program based on your specs.

Track efficiencies on our proprietary reporting platform, iROD™, which enhances our event management capability, provides reporting and proof of service delivery and allows you the ability to track, export reports, and measure efficiency. We can also help manage additional cycled events.

Trust AccuFleet to maintain your schedule with the right staffing for each turn.

We can provide support through:

  • Full detail exterior wash (including main and nose gears)
  • Clean panels
  • Clean wheel wells
  • Clean RF cover
  • Clean seat tracks
  • Clean side panel air ducts
  • Clean glue residue from floor panels
  • Vacuum aircraft carpet
  • Clean cargo bins
  • General hangar clean up

Call or email us today to learn more about how our team of trained and badged, professionals can assist with technical wash and support your technical operations today!


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